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Successful websites contain external links to other reputable sites and are also backlinked from solid sites located elsewhere on the Internet. Successful sites also make good use of internal links (taking the user to pertinent information elsewhere within your site). With well placed, appealing and relevant links incorporated into your site, you’re going to attract more traffic, increase your popularity, encourage return visits, improve your ranking, generate more feedback and get a firm grasp on that elusive, oh-so-valuable SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Building links to other sites on the pages of your site increases its value by:

· providing additional interest for visitors, causing them to stay on your page longer and come back to it more often

· inviting feedback and comments from visitors

· giving people the information they want to verify and add credibility to your site’s content

· ensuring that you have a search engine friendly URL

Creating backlinks from other valuable sites to your own benefits you by:

· encouraging major search engines to give your site a high ranking and keep it there

· increasing traffic as visitors explore those links and land on your site through the “backdoor”, so to speak, visiting and appreciating what you’ve got to offer without having purposely gone looking for it.

link-buildingThere’s a Catch

While common Internet wisdom of today tells us that links are a must-have, a lot of webmasters are reluctant to start messing around too much in the bewildering maze of building links into their sites. It can be overwhelming and it can be done badly. While external links to and from your site are a valuable marketing tool, placing links indiscriminately can certainly do more harm than good. It’s true that there are “bad links” out there. There are sites to avoid and there are sites that will harm your Internet credibility should you link to them. It’s a tricky business and one that is usually best left to professionals.

In addition; building links is truly a good, thing, but that does not mean the-more-the-merrier. Building the wrong links or too many links or putting them in odd places can interrupt the delicate balance of your site. You have spent and do spend a lot of time and effort trying to make it look good, stay uncluttered and be functional! You don’t want to compromise that now.

The flow of text on a site will become less reader-friendly if interrupted by too many links or by links not placed well. It can take on a “messy” appearance and can become confusing to the reader. The layout of your website is one of its most important factors. It has to be appealing in both appearance and usability.

Get Some Help

A qualified SEO service professional will work with you, maintaining the best interests of your site and incorporating the links your site should have in order to ensure growth and sustainability. Our SEO Consultants are fully trained in state-of-the-art techniques, implementing the best tools and the best methods to optimize the domains they work with.

Set Your Sights on SEO

SEO Consultants have the expertise to develop a linking strategy that enhances your website and optimizes it for visibility, aesthetics, usability, relevancy, and Search Engine Optimization. The reciprocal traffic generated by links that are carefully selected and well-placed will make your site more popular and lend it credibility.

SEO Consultants make use of images and graphics and incorporate them with links to external sites and to other areas within your domain, creating simple, easy-to-use interfaces. Special care is taken to ensure that the links make sense and that they improve the ability of visitors to get what they’re looking for from the information you present.

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