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On page SEO factors


Search Engine Optimization or SEO relies on numerous factors. These factors are continuously changing, due to the revision of the rules and algorithms of the search engines. SEO factors fall in two categories: On page SEO and off page SEO. On Page SEO is a SEO technique to optimize the content of a particular website. This includes the text, images and links on the website. On page SEO basically edits of formats the page and content so that search engines can find that particular page quickly when an online user is searching for the websites particular topic. On page SEO optimizes the website with respect to some search terms. The keywords or search terms must be present in the webpage's content in such a manner so as to help the search engines to index the page faster.

There are many on page SEO factors that should be taken into consideration in order to achieve a high rank in the search results list. Listed below are some of the On Page SEO factors which are of most importance:


Title Tag: The title tags determine what text displays at the top of the browser screen when the website is viewed. The title tags also usually determine the title of the website when it appears in the search engine search results. Every search engine factors a webpage's title into their ranking algorithm. Under no circumstances the title tag should be kept blank.

Meta Tags: This also goes in the head section of a webpage and is used in the search results listing in the search engines. The search engines will look at the meta-description first and will usually use that if it looks relevant, however if it does not exist then the search engine will grab another piece of text from the page that does mention the keywords. Due to this, it is important to include the keywords in the description.Heading-tag


Heading Tags: Local and global search engines read the heading tags of a webpage with much the same importance as a person reading headlines of a newspaper. It is advisable to put primary keywords in the heading tag. This will optimize the searching of a webpage by the search engine.

Body Content: Apart from the Title and Meta Tags, the content of the body is also of equal importance. The length of the content is not a major factor here. An article of 500 words compared to an article of 300 words will give almost the same search engine result. But the one thing that needs to be maintained is that the web pages should utilize the phrases that are being optimized.

Apart from the above mentioned On Page SEO factors, there are several more factors that also contribute to the optimization of the webpage. Some of them include: Keyword density, Meta keywords, File names, Folder names and others. In short, optimizing the above mentioned factors will result in a high ranked website in terms of search engine result.

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