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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Billions of Internet users are daily searching products or services using popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. The tendency of them is to browse the products that they see at the top of the search results list. Due to this, website developers and owners try to use various methods and techniques to increase the ranking of their websites.

Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO is used for such purposes. It is a process of increasing the ranking of a website by increasing the traffic flow of that particular website. Similar to SEO, there exist various other techniques that search engine optimizers use to optimize a particular website. One such technique is Search Engine Marketing commonly known as SEM.


Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one type of Internet marketing that is associated with search engines. Just like normal marketing the purpose of SEM is to promote websites. It does this by increasing the visibility of the website in the search engines search results list. It achieves this by using some of the traditional marketing strategies such as contextual advertising, paid placement and others. It should be understood that SEM is not SEO and vice versa. Search Engine Marketing or SEM includes search engine marketing strategy, search engine optimization, Website architecture, search engine registration, research, analysis, tracking reports, and other similar characteristics.

Singapore has one of the most advanced digitally equipped market place, representing a growing opportunity for digital marketers. It is home to millions of users who daily browse the Internet for their desired product and/or services. This growing demand of online products and there easy access to the users have made the online marketing companies working within Singapore to compete with each other. Their main goal has become to increase their sites rankings in popular search engines both local and global to Singapore. To achieve this, they are frequently turning to organizations or individuals for technical support.

Due to this, the SEO consultants in Singapore are not only providing website designs but are also providing various techniques to improve the ranking of individual websites. It is clear that alone search engine optimization or SEO is not sufficient enough to increase the number of visitors of the site. Along with high ranking promotion of the website is highly required. For this reason, the website owners not only hire the SEO consultants for optimizing their site but also for promoting their site using search engine marketing as well.

A good SEM campaign can have a significant impact on the overall Internet marketing campaign. This will not only add traffic to the site but will also increase the sales of product or services. Along with these two factors a good SEM campaign will also increase customer awareness of product or services.

An attractive SEM campaign can reach customers around the world and create level of awareness of business between them. This helps to expand the business in new areas because businesses are easier to establish in places where the local people are aware of the product or services. Therefore, a good SEM campaign determines the success rate of an organization in the field of online marketing.

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