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The importance of unique contents

Million of Internet users browse the Internet for product or services. The basic criteria that a website should have to attract users attention is the content presented on the site. The user will read the content and on the basis of that judge whether the site is good enough to be visited again in the future. Therefore you have to have good content in your website.

What do you mean by a good content? Is it a 1000 word article stating the pros and cons of a certain product or something else? Well, the fact is large quantity does not mean good quality. A small article of 300 words may possess better quality than an article of 1000 words. It is clear that size doesn't matters but what does? To make a quality based content you need uniqueness.

pencilThe more unique your content is the more attention it will get from the users checking it out. Quality based content will keep visitors at your site much longer hence the chance of you being contacted will definitely increase. It will also help the search engines to index your site better than before. Therefore the importance of unique contents for you site is a matter not to be taken lightly.

It is clear that unique contents in your site will capture the attention of visitors. But what is a unique content?

A unique content is simply the material on the website that is totally different from content anywhere else on the Internet. The material refers to written data on the page, but can also refer to graphics, charts etc.


It is known that search engine optimization or SEO plays a huge part in ranking your website in search engine result page or SERP.

One of the factors of SEO is On Page SEO which deals with body/content of a web page along with other factors. Nowadays search engines are much more concerned with unique content. The search engines algorithms work by rewarding sites with unique contents with high page rank and severely punishing sites with duplicate contents. It is clear from these facts that if you need to increase the ranking of your website in both local and global search engines, unique content is a must.

So far, we have discussed about the significance of unique content in your website, but the question is how do you create content that is unique? There are many ways to create unique contents for your site. The most basic solution is to write it yourself. This way you somewhat guarantee to produce a unique content. But it may happen that you are struggling to find the right words to put into the content. The solution to this is to hire a professional article writer to do it for you. Another solution is that you find well-written articles on your topic and rewrite them. But be careful to avoid duplicity, by ensuring that 30% to 40% of the content is uniquely rewritten.

Therefore, it can be understood the importance of a unique content, why it is needed and how you can achieve it.

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