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SEO Off page factors

Search Engine Optimization or SEO relies on numerous factors. These factors are continuously changing, due to the revision of the rules and algorithms of the search engines. SEO factors fall in two categories: On page SEO and off page SEO. Now the question is what is off page SEO factor? Off page SEO factors allows search engines to identify a particular websites quality before even scanning a single word or image. It works by listing all the qualities of a particular website that is found important to any local or global search engine. It is to be understood that an owner of a website should pay attention to not only on page SEO factors but pay equal attention to off page SEO factors as well.


There are some off page factors that should be paid a lot of attention. There are other factors that are of no use nowadays or in other words negligible and there are other factors that may hurt the ranking of the site.

The off page SEO factors that are of most importance are:

Theme of linking website, Theme of website to be linked to, Preference of anchor text, Landing pages and similar others. Theme of linking website is important since the links from a relevant site is worth a lot. Similarly, when linking to other website the developer or owner should be keen enough to link to related ones. It is observed that controlling preferable anchor text within a website allows up to 50% control over its reputation. Also, the landing pages should contain relevant keywords; the keywords should appear in important places and the overall page topic must match with these keywords. If these factors are handled with care, the site is definitely to be highly ranked.

The off page SEO factors that are of no use or negligible today includes: Links following to the same page, Signature links, Guestbook links, Blog comment links, Article submission and similar categories. Several links pointing to a same URL (Uniform Resource Locator) will not have any advantages since search engine like Google considers only the first link of the page. Therefore the type of links that have been discussed here is of no use nowadays.


The off page SEO factors that may hurt the ranking includes: Forum or Blog or Email spam, paid links, unrelated websites and other similar categories. The rule of ethical SEO is not to use any spam related methods. The reason for this is that spam upsets the forum or blog readers also spam links on forums or blogs are simply useless with respect to SEO.  Therefore the site containing spam related links or data will be punished by any search engine.

To summarize the off page SEO factors, it has to be said that there are some factors that definitely helps in achieving high ranking in SERP and those factors are of most importance. There also exists factors that are of no use nowadays and should ignored simply, also to keep in mind about the factors that will cause the ranking to suffer which includes spam methods along with many others.

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