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Here I'll be talking mainly about the progress of my site in search engines for the keywords I'm targeting.
I have a nearby target for the keyword SEO Singapore
Once I reach my target I'll target a more difficult Keyword.
Yea baby !! It works like that, so my far target is to be in Google.com.sg first page for the keyword SEO
 Wish me luck guys!
P.S. I appreciate if you can help by placing a link to my site in your blog or in your site.

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1 This is the 11th video | target met
2 This is the 10th video | After 120 days
3 This is the 9th video | After 86 days
4 This is the 8th video | After 85 days
5 This is the 7th video | After 76 days
6 This is the 6th video | After 72 days
7 This is the 5th video | After 70 days
8 This is the 4th video | After 2 months
9 This is the 3rd video | After 54 days
10 This is the 2nd video | After 34 days
11 This is was the start I just registered the domain

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