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How to Determine Keyword Competition

There are many ways to determine the keyword completion, One of them is to use All in Title search operator with Google.

Then based on the number of Google search result you can know how difficult the keyword is .

This method is used by SEO professional for getting quick idea about the completion ( not in depth idea though ) .

Here are the steps :-

1- Go to Google and type allintitle: your keyword ( example allintitle: SEO Singapore)

2- Get the search result number and use the following table ( those numbers are the same used by seNuke software )

Google  Search Result Difficulty Level
0-199 Extremely easy!
200-699 Easy!
700-1,499 Doable
1,500-2,999 Not the easiest
3,000-4,999 Could be tough
5,000-9,999 Difficult
10,000 or more Don't Waste Your Time

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