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How to remove your URL from google

That day I sent a support ticket to my hosting company, I got a fast and accurate reply from them, Out of curiosity I wanted to get some more information about the technical guy there, I googled for his name. and guess what I found his name in another support ticket that I should not be able to see ( as it belongs to another customer ) . Huh !Wah ! 

I did not read the ticket but it was long thread and it was cached by google as well ! , so even if they deleted that ticket it will remain in Google cache !! another Hah! and Wah! 

I contacted them and told them about the security  error they have, in fact it is not their fault it is the support ticket script. but the question is how to avoid such a situation. or even more how to remove those cached pages from Google.

Learn how to  Remove a URL that has been indexed by google, for example URL that has an exam of your school . or a page that has your own clients email.

Learn how to do that from the mouth of Google.

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