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Listing your site in Yahoo Singapore

Despite my site is listed in Yahoo.com , but it is not listed at all in yahoo Singapore ( sg.yahoo.com ) , the reason for that is my domain is .com not .sg   and also my server is located in USA, so Yahoo has no clue that I'm targeting Singapore traffic.

unlike google their they have no tools to inform them that I'm targeting Singapore .

 I noticed it is not only my site but other sites as well, I searched the Internet up and down to find a solution and the solution was simply "No way " :(

So I went ahead and sent them an email asking for advise in how to get my site listed in yahoo singapore. and here is what they replied



Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Singapore.

We believe that you have previously sent us a query regarding your
Yahoo! Search a while back and we apologize for the delay in our

As of the moment we are experiencing high email volume and we would like
to know if the issue you reported still persists or you still need help
with your query?

If yes, kindly reply to this message, and we will respond as quickly as

Yahoo! Customer Care is committed to answering your questions as quickly
and accurately as possible. again, we apologize for any inconvenience
this delay may have caused you.

Your satisfaction is always our goal.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Singapore.


Yahoo! Singapore Customer Care



Wah , I never contacted them before regarding this issue , so I just replied I did not, and I'm still waiting for your advise .

I also tried to call them at the number mentioned above but, Yah as you may guess,  no answer heh.

So I'll wait for their email and see if they can do anything despite I don't think there is a solution.

Why just they make it so difficult , don't know !

I'll update you once they reply


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