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Problems with server migation

The last 10 day were tough for me as the company that I'm hosting my sites with just closed down without any notice.

Lucky I have a weekly backup , without that I could lose all my data.

But that's not everything, I had to search fast for another provider and I had to restore my backups and change the nameservers and so on . my site was down for about 5 days and that's of course hurt my SEO .
I hope it is going to be temporary and everything will be back on track.

I usually hate to move severs but in this case I had no option.

After restoration I had some others problem with the DNS as the domain was not pointing correctly to the new IP address. And I had to make some calls and send support tickets to the domain registrar to get it solved.
You know what. Until now I have some issues. Oh boy, I hate server migration. not only because it is not easy but because it will hurt SEO as well

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