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A review of Advanced Web Ranking

Today I’m going to do something different. As an SEO, I was trying to find a software that is reliable to check SERP ranking in bulk.. I have already some but they are not very perfect especially when it comes to professional SEO.
I was looking for a software that can check the ranking of local search engines like google.com.sg ( pages from Singapore ) as my work rely on it.

After some searching I found all-in-one seo software. I found the folk there provide a trial version for one month, so I went ahead and downloaded it , installed it , selected the Enterprise version , confirmed my email and it is up and running , everything went smoothly with no problems .

At the first look the software was a bit complicated, but wait I’m a professional and I’m looking for professional tools. I tried to find my way around it and I was surprised by the tip tool balloon they have , it you very good guides, very nice!. I created new project and added my site and the keywords which I want to check its ranking , was expecting not to find google.com.sg but I found it and I found pages from Singapore as well ( BTW not many software offer pages from Singapore ) so I went ahead and selected Google global and local for my keywords.

While I was selecting the search engines I was amazed at the choices available. I even found Google places which I never seen before in any other software , but unfortunately Google places in Singapore was not available.

I also found so many Google servers location ( based on IPs ) which I never seen in any other software. If you don’t know Google has so many servers worldwide and search result usually differ from one to another ( of course they cannot update all the servers at the same time ). The result you see in Singapore could be different from the result you see in Malaysia for the same search term/engine .

The software updated the ranking slowly, and that’s very good as Google may block my IP if the software is checking the ranking too fast.
I found the ranking and I compared it to manual result and it was the same , very nice ha.

I’m still testing the software and I notice that a very nice graph started to form.

My opinion :-

The software it is not fully tested , but here what I found so far

Pros :-

  • The software is well designed , and there are so many features , like proxies, scheduled tasks , adding competitors and more.
  • It is a one time fee and price starts from $99.
  • Search engine safe and accurate .
  • A lot of search engines and locations.


  • I couldn’t find Google places for Singapore , but this is just a feature and they may add it.
  • Additional licenses required if multiple instances of the software are used simultaneously.( I think they should allow at least 2 instances )

Well, that’s what I have for now, as I’m still testing.


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