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SEO and Facebook

With Facebook’s promise of, “it’s free and it always will be”, many companies and small business owners are turning to Facebook to promote their goods and services. On business Facebook pages, business owners can share pictures of their products and/or services, explain their business and post other relevant information. A Facebook business page also create the unique opportunity for previous or current customers of the business to comment on the page, giving feedback about the business. As a second web page for the business, or the main web page, SEO (search engine optimization) is still important, and the basic rules for high SEO still apply.SEO

Like with a traditional web page, relevant titles and use of keywords throughout the page are important to a high SEO of the page. Choosing an appropriate and memorable title for your business page is critical, after all, it’s how customers will remember your company. Although you want the title of your fan page to reflect your business and include keywords that potential customers may use to search google, it’s important that you do not use every keyword about your business in the title. This will cause your business page to appear to be spam, or at the very least, a very bad attempt at an advertisment. The safe bet is to simply include your business name (what’s on your business cards, the name you use when answering the company phone, ext) as your title page. If the keyword that best fits your business is not already part of your business name, simply add it on in parenthesis. For example, if your business was a thrift store called second chances, title your page “Second Chances (Thrift Store). That way, whether a potential customer is searching for a thrift store or the exact name of the business, your page has the potential to be high in relevant SEO.

Adding keywords to your Facebook business page to increase SEO is also easy. In the “about” box, simply add keywords when describing your business, just as you would on a traditional website. However, be sure not to overkill the use of the keyword, for example “Second Chances is a thrift store. Second chances is a thrift store located on North Ave. Second chances thrift store is open 9-5 M-F...” this just makes the about box annoying to read, and potential customers may be driven away. Instead, ease the keywords into the description.

Another great way to promote your business and SEO is to have customers recommend you, the same way that they would recommend a traditional business website. When customer’s recommend you in their own status and share a link, this not only brings potential business to your Facebook business page, but also increase your page’s SEO. This has the potential to create a snowball effect, with customers constantly recommending you and sharing links to your Facebook business page. This is a win-win situation, as you gain customers and SEO (which will hopefully lead to even more future customers). Also, if you have a business or personal blog, link to your Facebook business page using a keyword to link to the page. Linking a page by a keyword relevant to the business also increases the SEO. Encourage friends, family and happy customers to do the same. Be sure, however, that they are not just simply providing a link. This is a cheap form of advertisement, and they should therefore say something about the business in a relevant post.

Facebook is a great new way for businesses to promote their goods and services, for very little or no cost. Similar to traditional websites, however, SEO strategies should be used to bring the most potential customers into the page as possible. This can be done using traditional methods of SEO including creating a good title, making sure there is sufficient keyword use and creating links back to the page.

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