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SEO and Search Engines, A Match Made in Silicon Valley

Is it important to know what a base and a ball is when learning how to play baseball? The answer is obvious. It is important to understand how search engines work when learning and implementing SEO ? That seems like a silly question.


If you don’t understand the parts of a product or, in this case, a concept, it will be impossible to accurately and efficiently use it. Understanding search engines, how they work and how their crawlers rank websites on their results pages is key, even integral, to creating good SEO. While the exact algorithms used by search engines to search, scan and rank websites is still a closely guarded secret, there are generally certain parameters that SEO experts seem to agree on as being the most useful.seo-traffic

These include, but are not limited to, keywords, links, topics, keyword location, ratio of keyword to content on a page and content itself.

After creating a website with good SEO, you have to submit it to the search engines so the crawlers can look it over and decide if they want to include it in their index. This is because search engines don’t actually search the entire world wide web every time someone enters a few keywords in a browser search bar. They actually search their copy of the internet, or index. And submitting your page to the search engine and being accepted is how you become included in that index. Having good SEO leads to being accepted by the search engine, which leads to being found by users the next time the keyword is searched, which leads to more hits, clicks and visibility.

Most major search engines regularly change the algorithms they use to rank websites. In addition, if a search engine crawler hasn’t visited a website recently to check content, what it has in the index might be out of date to what the website actually is. That’s why it’s important for a web developer to regularly check and make sure there are no missing pages or broken links to his website. The last thing you want is someone going to your site and being frustrated by all the 404 errors and missing content that he leaves and vows never to return. Or worse, leaves, vows never to return, and tells all his friends never to go to your site either.

In addition, if you create new pages for your site, using good SEO, which of course you will, it’s a good idea to submit those pages to the search engines yourself, instead of waiting for the web crawlers to stumble upon your site and hopefully update it.

Now, personally, I don’t give a flying fig about baseball. But I know the general rules and lingo associated with it and, if pressed I could play a game. Infield, outfield, home run, strike, running the bases and foul ball. I get it. And like it or not, it’s just as important for a web developer to know the ins and outs of search engines before creating his web site and, most importantly, before creating good SEO. Because you can’t have good SEO without a good working knowledge of search engines themselves.

Ironically, if you want to learn more about SEO and search engines themselves, it’s really quite easy to find out. The best thing to do would be to open the nearest search box and type ‘SEO’ or ‘Search engine’ and start reading. The good web developers and SEO experts that came before you have left content out there for you to find and, if you get good enough, you might even get to pitch a game or two.

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