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SEO and Social Media on Rye

Social Media are two words as commonplace nowadays as burger king  sandwich at a deli. You hear it everywhere and just about everyone over the age of five knows what it is.

More than 80% of the population in Singapore has a facebook page and a twitter presence. SEO may not be as well known or understood, but it’s certainly just as prevalent in people’s day to day lives.

SEO and social media tend to live on opposite sides of the same coin, and both are important to understand and use well for a business looking to maintain or increase visibility. In fact, a business that doesn’t show up on the first page of a search engine results page might as well be invisible. People aren’t going to go looking for what they need, they expect their search engine to do that. Being aware of social media marketing and how it can benefit SEO is something a good web developer keeps at the front of his mind. And understanding good SEO can make it that much easier to efficiently use social media marketing techniques.SEO-social-media

Keywords are SEO’s best friend. It is keywords that web crawlers search for on a page and help it’s rankings. Now, take that idea and move it to facebook or twitter. Using those keywords in the wall post or tweet increases your site’s value when it comes to that topic.

Links are the next easiest tactic to employ when it comes to linking (no pun intended) SEO and social media marketing. Twitter lends itself nicely to good use of links, as you can easily post the keywords related to a topic, with a link sending the viewer back to your web page to view it, all in less than 140 characters! And if you’re content is good enough to get retweets, well then you’re golden, lots of links equals lots of hits equals getting the attention of the ever-watching web crawlers. And remember, from reputable sites, like facebook and twitter, are given more weight to a search engine than possibly fake links that could be from ghost pages. When it comes to something like facebook, there’s more room to type, but instead of posting all your content to your wall, it would be better to just post a small part, with a link that brings the user right where you want them, to your website.

Which brings us to content that backbone of web development and an integral part of SEO. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get your business, new business. Though, the phrase may be more aptly named now ‘word of keyboard’. And when using social media marketing, it is most important that when you finally get users to your website, they like what they see. If they do they’re more likely to delve further and then they go back to that social network and tell all their friends to go check it out too.

Oh, but suppose Laura was just signing out of facebook when her friend Emma told her to go check out awesomeheels.com and she didn’t have a chance to look it up? So the next time she’s online she remembers and pulls up her google search bar and, not able to remember quite what the name of the site was, she just types in ‘awesome’ and ‘shoes’. The developer for awesomeheels.com wants to be sure that their site is the first to pop up on that results list. And here we are, back to SEO.

So, maybe SEO and social media marketing aren’t two sides of the same coin. Maybe they’re just two elements to an amazing burger king sandwich at the corner deli.

Who’s hungry? want a sandwich form SEO Singapore King  Wink ?

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