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SEO and Twitter

twitter-seoCreated in 2006 the social networking site, Twitter, has rapidly gained popularity, having over 140 million active users in 2012. Twitter allows users, whether they be individuals or companies, to post 140 character posts known as “tweets” (similar to a Facebook or Myspace status). Like with other social networking sites, Twitter has become a popular and easy way for companies to promote themselves and their products. For companies wanting to use their twitter account for promotional purposes, they focus their tweets on SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO are the components of a site, blog or even twitter account that search engines (such as Google, Yahoo! and bing) look at when determining what content is most relevant to an item being searched. Therefore, it is important that companies make sure that their websites, facebook business page and tweets appear as high in the search results as possible so that users will see this content first. There are several things that Twitter business users can do to optimize the SEO of their tweets, including paying special attention to keywords and links.

One of the easiest, and most overlooked ways for companies to optimize their Twitter SEO is to make sure that their username is relevant to the keywords of their company (what words may people search that is relevant to the company? These words are considered the key words). Usernames, known as a “handle” on twitter, become part of the personal twitter URL. Having a relevant keyword in the company's handle increases the SEO of the twitter account.

As well as including the keyword of the company in the handle, it’s also important that the company uses the main keywords of the company throughout the Twitter account. Search engines consider a high frequency of keywords in a page or account to signify relevance to a keyword being searched: the more keywords in an account, the higher the SEO. Include important keywords and phrases about the company in the account’s bio (be sure to pick the most relevant phrases and words, though, as there’s only 160 characters in the bio). Keywords should also be included in as many tweets as possible, especially the tweet’s lead-in (the first 40 or so characters of a tweet). This lead in is the tweet’s title tag, and is the first thing visible to viewers. As well as having keywords in the tweet’s lead in, try to have as many keywords in the tweet as possible; while still making sense and sounding professional. No search engine user or potential customer will want to read a tweet that is full of keywords randomly packed together that make no sense.

Like with any other website, links and recommendations are an important part of SEO, as search engines view links as a recommendation. If your site (or in this case, tweet) worked well for someone who had previously searched a certain keyword, then in theory it should work well for future searchers of this keyword. Twitter users are able to retweet tweets and make links to your account on their profiles or blogs. If you create great tweets about your business, these actions will allow your company not only to increase your SEO but also to appeal to possible customer.

Twitter is just one of the many social networking sites that companies can use to increase not only their company’s SEO, but also business. When creating a company twitter account, remember that the account should be as keyword rich as possible, while still appealing to potential customers. Tweets, especially lead-ins, should also have as many keywords as possible, while still making sense. This will allow company followers to retweet these tweets, increasing your SEO and potential customers.

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