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Things You Need To Know About SEO Google Penalty

It becomes really exciting for website owners when their website’s ranking comes in the top list of search results, but a Google Penalty can spoil everything. Companies spend considerable time and effort to improve their rankings. For this, various enterprises have solely opened up to provide optimization services, and website owners are making use of it. Consequently, websites see a surge of traffic, amazing search results, and on top of that, sales also increase which works as a great morale boost for the businesses. As a result, they spend more time on the process of optimizing their website’s ranking. However, the rosy picture suddenly turns gloomy when the ranking of the website suddenly drops, affecting the traffic, as well as, the sales of the website. What is more, the website’s name cannot be found on the index of the search engines, and the rank for all the significant keywords becomes zero.google-Penalty

If something like this happens to your website, it means that you have incurred the terrible Google penalty on your website. This happens because all search engines try their best to deliver genuine and relevant content to the users. Well, the first response that any website owner would exhibit would be panic, followed by concern. However, the phenomenon is nothing novel and happens to hundreds of websites every day. This usually happens because there are robots for automated indexing on Google, to prevent people from scamming the system. These bots are responsible for evaluating the hierarchy of websites’ rankings, and help to decrease frauds by screening the real content, the structure of the website and the links that are provided on the website. However, some websites try to fool the robots, and maneuver the website in a way that it appears to have more relevant content than it actually has.

Companies hire experts to improve their rankings, but sometimes, people apply tricks like hidden links, cloaks and redirecting pathways which are not visible to the robots. As a result, when some website tries to push the rankings on the top by using fair means, they get caught by the robots by mistake, because the robots misconceive the attempt as a spam. When this happens, a website receives Google penalty and the website’s rankings become zero. Though, this can happen both as a result of a system error wherein the bots have misinterpreted the push of ranking, and because of genuine fraud, the end results are not good. The time and effort that the optimizers invest to bring the website’s ranking on top goes wasted within a jiffy, because once this happens, the recovery is not easy and it may take time as there is no instant remedy to fix the problem.

If you have received a penalty, the first thing to do to is to inquire about the reason for obtaining it. Experts suggest that in order to prevent a website from incurring Google penalty, companies should avoid using all kinds of unofficial optimization schemes to push the rankings, and if they already exists on a website, they should be immediately removed. All kinds of hidden links, tricky redirecting pathways, pages with irrelevant words, pages and sub-domains with replicated content must be removed. After doing so, the website owner can start building the website’s structure by using legitimate means to promote the rankings, and then work to claim the website’s position again. Remember, that if the motive of your website is meant for real people, there should never be any kind of penalization, but if you would try to muddle with the robots, you are likely to receive one for sure.

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