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The Right Stuff

Think of your website’s SEO as a delicious dessert. Cookies, for example. You’re at home and you think to yourself, “I could really go for some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies” and, since you’re not dieting this week, you decide to do it. What do you do?

First things first, you start to gather the tools you need for the job. The large and small mixing bowl, various spoons and the baking sheets. Preheat the oven and get started gathering ingredients. Flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, baking soda and, of course, chocolate chips. Without any one of these things, the whole operation could fall apart and you’re left with a craving and no way to fill it. No one wants that.

So your website is a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies. You want the people visiting online to have cookies and they want them too. But if they can’t find the cookies, they’ll never get them. You need to make sure you’re employing good SEO tactics so your users can find their cookies. How do you begin?seo-tactics

Well, there might be different opinions on the answers to that but for the purpose of this article, we’re going to say it’s the mixing bowl. The backbone of the entire operation. Because, lets face it, without the mixing bowl, you’re just making a mess on the counter.

So what is the mixing bowl in this long, drawn out analogy? Keywords of course. Without the right keywords, how are the people using Google to search for your site ever going to find it? You could hunt down each and every person that might ever think to look up your site and hand them a business card with your web address on it I suppose, but would that really be the best use of your resources? I didn’t think so.

Now the question becomes, how does one decide on the right keywords to use for the best SEO of his site? Start by asking yourself a few basic questions. What is the site about? Who would visit it? What do they need that your site offers? When are they most likely to be looking for it? Why are they looking for the information and why are you the best site to provide it? You might start by making a list of the keywords you think people might search to find you. Sticking with the cookie analogy you might list: cookie (obviously), dessert, delicious, chocolate, sugar and chip.

Also, if possible, it might be a good idea to get in contact with the people that are likely to be looking for your site. There’s various ways to make that happen. If you’re website is for a business that already has a physical presence (i.e. a bakery on Main St) try talking to the customers that come in to the store, they might have some good ideas for keywords to use on your site, and they probably don’t even know what SEO is! Or, maybe you’re a strictly online business. Do you have a social media presence? Ask around, see what people are saying. Pay attention. What words are people using when they talk about your site?

After you have a good idea of some of the keywords you can use in the SEO of your site, you can use the research tools available online like Overture or WordTracker to narrow down the keywords that will give you the most clicks per search. Finding the right keywords is crucial to web design and good SEO, just as crucial, you might say as a mixing bowl is to good chocolate chip cookies.

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